B-24 Bombers at RAF Winkton

RAF Winkton was a prototype for an Advanced Landing Ground, of the type the 9th Air Force was to use when bases moved to France and later Germany following D-Day. RAF Winkton was used until early July, and returned to farming by September, 1944. For additional art, click on Collections buttons for dropdown menus


B-52 A-Bomb Crash Test

Plutonium Valley is a six square mile valley in Area 11 on the Nevada Test Site, where in the early 1950’s, the AEC exploded 10,000 tons of TNT packed around a B-52 bomber and its nuclear device to simulate what could happen in a crash. The A-Bomb itself did not explode, but particles of plutonium […]


Slightly Hot Command Post

Occasionally the Nevada Test Site sells off surplus properties, which are most usually ‘command posts.’ I was told they are not radioactive, although my Geiger counter reacted by being placed near the skin of this ‘command post’. I went inside a few and while the Geiger counter beeped, I don’t think it was any more […]


Plutonium on the Half Shell

This small suite of rooms in the MacDonald Ranch farmhouse sits deserted on the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). These rooms are where the ‘gadget’ was assembled after its arrival by car from Los Alamos. The tower holding the bomb was a short distance away, so the core was assembled and wired together in this […]


Test Structures – aka, The Motels

It sounds like it ought to be a rock band, but these were built to be destroyed in 1955. They have mostly weathered the storm, although at various times the Army used them for target practice despite being on the Historic Register of protected places. The tank was a test vehicle which became irradiated after […]


Juno Beach Memorial

Juno Beach was between the British beaches of Sword and Gold, and the invading forces were the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and commando elements of the Royal Marines. Their objective was to sever the Caen – Bayeux road and railroad. The landing zone […] For additional art, click on Collections buttons for dropdown menus