Road to Appomattox

The road the Confederate troops took to the surrender point at McLean House took them along this route and past the house where CS Gen. Lee surrendered to US Gen. Grant on April 9, 1865. Although many believe it is the last surrender, the later surrender of CS General Johnston to US General Sherman was […]


Middleton Place

Henry Middleton was a signer to the Declaration of Independence, and his plantation became one of many along the Ashley River near Charleston, SC. Near the end of the Civil War, Union soldiers burned all but one of the plantation houses, and Middleton House was no exception. Here the lagoon bursts with colors at Easter. […]


Catoctin Furnace

Ground Fog at Catoctin Furnace, with underground railroad house. During and prior to the Civil War, Catoctin Furnace was the place for large casts including the Monitor, cannon tubes, etc. The Furnace had a voracious appetite for wood, so there were no standing trees within 25 miles. The Underground Railroad ran throughout the South, so […]

Slaughter Pen at Devils Den

The Slaughter Pen is part of a large field of boulders strewn about at Devils Den, Gettysburg. It is one of very few fields of big boulders in the US. The Slaughter Pen and Devils Den present boulders in varying positions of recline. In foggy and soft rain weather, they take on a sheen which […]


Minnesota Monument

The monument to the First Minnesota Infantry Regiment features an advancing soldier carrying a musket with his bayonet attached. The First Minnesota is most remembered for their gallant actions on the second day of fighting, when their troops prevented the Union from being pushed off Cemetery Ridge. For additional art, click on Collections buttons for […]


Gettysburg High Water Mark

High Water mark at Gettysburg is the limit to which the Confederate troops of Pickett’s Charge advanced. After marching in a line across the fields while companions fell or were killed, scaling or attempting scale the split rail fences, and fighting through the hail of grape shot and Minnie balls, very few Confederate troops made […]


Culp’s Hill

Curiously, even at the height of summer, when the little town of Gettysburg is packed with tourists from across the country and indeed the world, there are still spots where the tourist tide is at bay and the beauty of nature holds sway. Culp’s Hill requires nothing more than a short drive or walk from […]