Fat Man Hiroshima Bomb

A World War II bomb casing for Fat Man dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945, is shown at the Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These casings were filled with concrete and dropped from B-29’s in tests at the White Sands Missile Range and other locations to see how they fell. Dropping two Atomic bombs […]

Richmond defenses

Fort Brady, shown here in Infrared, was one of a string of forts surrounding Richmond to protect it from attacks by Union forces. No attacks actually got to Richmond, although a couple of days after the cessation of hostilities, Lincoln went to Richmond to sit in Jefferson Davis’ chair. For additional art, click on Collections […]


Sandy Hook: Fording the Potomac

/p> At this spot the Potomac is extremely shallow during most of the year, so many travelers and others before about 1940 used the fords to cross the river. During the Civil War, the area was a great route for smugglers, troops crossing into unfriendly territory, of for slaves seeking freedom in the North. The […]


Harper’s Ferry Transport Confluence

At this site the primary methods of transportation come together. In the immediate foreground we have the C&O Canal heading west to Cumberland and beyond, the railroad splitting to head north and west, and behind it, the Shenandoah joining the Potomac River. The city was the site of John Brown’s Raid in 1859 and Lee’s […]


Frayser’s Farm

The Battle of Frayser’s Farm near Richmond was the sixth of the Seven Days’ Battles between US Gen McClellan and CS Gen Lee and involved many units from both armies as McClellan tried unsuccessfully to capture Richmond (again). Today the farm is the Glendale National Cemetery and while it sounds nice, I’m sure the locals […]


James River Roads

Appomattox & James Rivers Roads, site of US Army Quartermaster Corps docks and stores of cannon, muskets, ammunition, and various supplies for the siege of Petersburg, were stocked here during the 10-month siege. Nearby was the battlefront home of US General Grant, which after the War was disassembled and taken to show to the public […]


Gettysburg Dead, Richmond

Also in the 9-mile long wagon train after Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg, were scores of wounded Confederates with injuries not severe enough to kill them, but severe enough to require a journey home to Richmond. Richmond’s Hospital Number One, is said to have taken in hundreds or thousands of injured Union and Confederate soldiers. Their […]


McLean House

The McLean house at Appomattox is where CS Gen Lee surrendered his remaining troops to Gen US Grant on April 9, 1865. The two generals met, signed a few documents, and then Gen Grant graciously gave the Confederate troops the freedom to take their weapons home if they promised to not take up arms against […]