B-24 Bombers at RAF Winkton

RAF Winkton was a prototype for an Advanced Landing Ground, of the type the 9th Air Force was to use when bases moved to France and later Germany following D-Day. RAF Winkton was used until early July, and returned to farming by September, 1944. For additional art, click on Collections buttons for dropdown menus


RAF Snetterton Heath

RAF Snetterton Heath was home to the 96th Bomb Group (Heavy) and was closest to USAAF 3rd Division HQ so many flights originated from here carrying commanding generals. General Curtis LeMay flew from here on the Regensburg raid, and later received the Distinguished Unit Citation (DUC) for the action. The 96th Bomb Group led the […]


RAF Metfield

RAF Metfield was in the 8th Air Force, and was the home of both a fighter group and bombers. The 353rd Fighter Group flew P-47D’s, but they moved out just prior to D-Day. Then came the 491st Bombardment Group, equipped with B-24’s. The group was unusual in that their ground equipment was collected from other […]


Above Omaha Beach

On the morning of June 6, 1944, the small road along the cliffs was a hive of activity with trucks racing to resupply the defenders. With US and Allied troops scaling the cliffs and naval guns targeting the area, the defenders were defeated. The Allies were able to secure a foothold in France. My cousin […]


The Solent

RNAS Lee-on-the-Solent was a seaplane base tasked with protecting shipping along the south coast and into the Southampton Water. The base has been operational since 1917. In the period between the wars, it became a training base teaching pilots to fly Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers like those which sank the Bismarck. The base was an […]

East Anglia Skies with B-24 Liberator

Over East Anglia

The B-24 Liberator was World War II’s most produced bomber with a total production of 9,000+. From 1940-45, the skies of East Anglia were thick with fighters and bombers. East Anglia is an area of about 5,000 square miles, and in 1944, it contained 156 RAF/USAAF airfields each putting as many as 50 planes into […]