Over Omaha Beach

A B-17 comes in over the English Channel before rising up over the cliffs at Omaha Beach. After D-Day, cousin Mike co-piloted a B-17 which had been converted for strafing and carried 13 machine guns all pointed forward, each with 1,000 rounds of ammo. They strafed anything with a swastika on it and this included […]

Summer Storm over RAF Lavenham

Summer Storm

RAF Lavenham was home to the 487th Bombardment Group (Heavy) and flew B-24 Liberators and B-17 Flying Fortresses of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. It began operations in May 1944 in preparation for D-Day, when the 487th BG assisted Allied ground forces. The largest raid of the war was launched from Lavenham as part of […]

RAF Tibenham Glider

RAF Tibenham

RAF Tibenham became home to the 445th Bombardment Group (Heavy) with B-24’s and on December 13, 1943, launched their initial raid on submarine pens at Kiel. The 445th bombed defensive installations on D-Day to assist ground forces. During the Battle of the Bulge, it bombed communications centers and fixed emplacements. The 445th flew its final […]

RAF Thorpe Abbots 100th Bomb Group

RAF Thorpe Abbots

RAF Thorpe Abbotts was built during 1942-1943 for the Royal Air Force, but the expanding 8th Air Force took over instead. The 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy) flew the B-17 Flying Fortress as part of the 8th’s strategic bombing campaign. Some of the remaining buildings including the control tower form the nucleus form the 100th’s Memorial […]

RAF Deopham Green - 452nd Bomb Group

RAF Deopham Green

The airfield at Deopham Green became the home of various commands including military police, weather, quartermaster corps, ordnance and supply divisions, and the 457th Bombardment Group (Heavy) with its complement of B-17’s. The 457th BG entered service on February 5, 1944 in preparation for D-Day. Today the airfield is completely returned to farming, although one […]

RAF Beaulieu Runway

The New Forest

RAF/USAAF Beaulieu was used by both air forces, but under the aegis of the USAAF, it was the home of 365th Fighter Group flying P-47 Thunderbolts and 323rd Bombardment Group’s B-26 Marauders. Today the remains of the airfield are on managed land in the New Forest where wild ponies roam. A short piece of original […]